Pirate Swing
March 10 - 12, 2017 ~ Ann Arbor, MI

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How Classes at Pirate Swing Work

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Solo Track with Michael Faltesek

Focus on your own movement for the weekend, and improve your musicality & social dancing by practicing your solo dancing!

Horizons Track with Mike Legenthal & Joe DeMers (Lindy & Blues)
The Horizons track is a small, focused track for those newer to lindy hop who are ready to spend a whole weekend learning more about lindy hop and blues.

Hang out with the same instructors all weekend and get an in-depth view into their personal philosophy of dance. This track will be limited to 30 students so you can get lots of personal attention.

We recommend students have taken a few lindy hop classes, and have learned a swingout. If you have never learned a swingout, we recommend taking at least a month of beginning lindy hop lessons prior to attending the event.

Ambidancetrous Track with Evita & Michael (Lindy), Jenny & Dan (Blues), and Laura & Ann (Lindy)
Work on both your following and leading skills all weekend with a group of like-minded people and three pairs of fantastic teachers. Explore the similarities and differences between roles so you can become a better dancer at both.

You should be able to comfortably swing out in at least one role. If you haven't tried the other role yet, go do that - there's plenty of time before Pirate Swing! Bring your friends and help spread the joy of ambidancing.

Standard Lindy & Blues Track(s) with Evita & Michael (Lindy), Jenny & Dan (Blues), and Laura & Ann (Lindy)
If you can comfortably do swingouts at reasonable tempos, come improve your social dancing skills in lindy and blues with this lineup of amazing instructors.

There will be two standard tracks. As in previous years they'll be broken up by learning style, and this year you get to choose your track. We'll ask for this information later. In the meantime, we suggest paying attention to what sort of class formats you like so you're ready when selection time comes.