Pirate Swing
March 1 - 3, 2019 ~ Ann Arbor, MI



volunteer. To do helpful or charitable work without pay.

- American Heritage Dictionary

While we'll happily take volunteers in the above sense, we also have some paid staff positions available for those who are unable to attend without financial assistance. These positions will offset a portion of the workshop cost.

In order to be a candidate for a paid staff position, you must:

If you feel this describes you, send an e-mail to staff@pirateswing.com and say you are interested in a paid staff position. If applicable, please tell us your previous experience working/volunteering at dance events, and any references who can vouch for your reliability.

If you would like to volunteer out of the goodness of your heart, we will happily find things for you to do! Please email staff@pirateswing.com and let us know that you are interested in volunteering.

Thank you,
Jesse and Zach
Pirate Swing Organizers