Pirate Swing
March 1 - 3, 2019 ~ Ann Arbor, MI

Costumes and the Costume Contest

The Pirate Swing Costume Contest happens each year during the Saturday dance. The contest is open to everyone who attends the Saturday dance. We aim to get a great set of passes to major dance events as prizes. The best part: you don't have to be a top-level dance competitor to get a prize.

This year, every finalist got a book recommended by our instructors!

The only rule is, there are no rules (within the limits of safety, of course). No 'real' weapons are permitted, due to local laws. YOU MAY BE FINED AND ARRESTED IF YOU HAVE REAL WEAPONS. There are no special requirements for a costume for the contest, and you may choose to dress up at any time during the event, or not at all. The 'official' time to wear a costume is the Saturday dance, so we recommend not getting your costume sweaty and gross before then!

The word "pirate" is open to interpretation. In past years we've had a software pirate, a steampunk airship pirate, and muppets. Thanks to staff photographers John Li and Braden Nesin for the excellent pictures.

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Other Costume Other Costume

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