Pirate Swing
March 1 - 3, 2019 ~ Ann Arbor, MI

Safer Spaces Policy

Code of Conduct

At Pirate Swing, we place great value on the safety and comfort of everyone - including attendees, staff, volunteers, and performers - at our event.

We will not tolerate any kind of harassment. Harrassment includes but is not limited to: unwanted physical contact or sexual attention, stalking, and derogatory or disrespectful language.

Respect the boundaries of your fellow human beings.

If you encounter or observe a situation that makes you or others uncomfortable, please report it.

The Pirates' Creed

The Pirates' Creed presents our code of conduct as a positive and succinct pledge that all attendees will take on the opening night of Pirate Swing.

I will respect the safety and comfort of my dance partner and those around me.

Respect your fellow human beings both on and off the dance floor. When dancing, pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues regarding your partner's boundaries, and connect with your partner in a way that is comfortable for both of you. Be aware of other dancers around you on the floor. No aerials during social dancing.

Anyone may dance any role. I will state my preference or ask my partner theirs.

Here are some possibilities for how the dance invitation may go:
"May I lead you in a dance?" "Yes!"
"Would you like to dance?" "Yes, do you mind if I lead?"
"Would you like to dance?" "Yes!" "Would you like to lead, follow, or switch?"

When I ask someone to dance, I will accept their answer graciously, be it yes or no.

The dance invitation may go like this:
"Yes!" (offers hand)
"No, thank you." "Ok, have a nice evening."
"Not right now, but find me later?" "Ok!"

If I feel unsafe or if I see someone in need I will seek out a Captain.

Captains are the ones in the red bandanas. The Captains want you to feel safe - whatever that means to you. If you would prefer to remain completely anonymous, you can use one of our other reporting methods.